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“Excellent work done by you and I have one more projects ready for you hope you will be serve the same services as you previously provide.”

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Data Entry Outsourcing Benefits

Advanced infrastructure play essential role in any business that provides prompt IT enabled services. Data Entry BPO Services is leading Data Entry Company in India aim of delivering ideal data entry solutions worldwide with state of the art infrastructure and best of breed technology. Our infrastructure produces mission crucial solutions, services and provides technical support in fields of outsourcing data entry.

Getting complete security, confidentially and high-end technology just outsource your requirements to Data Entry BPO Services.

Facilities for Data Entry Services:

  • Build up area of more than 15,000 sq. ft.
  • More then 200 work station with high-speed data communication lines
  • High Quality Control & Audit control
  • Team supervision
  • Ample storage area with bursting security
  • Endless power supply with back up UPS and generators
  • Secure online back up servers, Linux server, Win NT services
  • Structure cabling for secure data access
  • Cable connection as backup from internet
  • Advanced VPN technology
  • Data recovery mechanism
  • In house recreation facilities
  • High-speed scanners, printers


  • 24/7 customer support via e-mails, chat and video, phone calls
  • Satellite communication
  • Devoted leased line for towering speed internet access
  • Routers, modem and all essential facilities
  • Video conference facilities


  • Secure online back-up servers
  • Firewalls and intrusion detection technology
  • Modern alarm system
  • Multiple password protection
  • Anti-virus protection and back up drive manager
  • Adequate fire safety system

Man Power:

  • More than 100 skilled human resources
  • Dedicated highly qualified and experience staff
  • 24/7 hours workday
  • In house technical support

We proud ourselves of being a team of highly qualified, experienced data entry professionals who strive to work intimately with you to understand, analyze all the aspects of your data entry outsourcing needs to provide possible and most suited data entry solutions to you.

Contact us or E-mail us on with your outsourcing data entry requirements.

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