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“Excellent work done by you and I have one more projects ready for you hope you will be serve the same services as you previously provide.”

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Price, Money, Budget Cost are play important factor of any data entry projects. It’s also play crucial role for rejecting and accepting the proposal.

At our data entry company, we have lucrative data entry pricing scheme which suits your budget costs. Our pricing policy is significantly more reliable, affordable and competitive due to the advantages of lower cost offshore processing; large skilled labor pool, advanced technology, procedures, and internet based file transfer protocols.

Data Entry BPO Services offers cutthroat pricing structures that can save your 60-70% of the costs of performing your data entry work in-house. We have ability to perform your data entry work at lowest possible rates as compared to other providers.

Man month rates

Further our company offer to you our services on man month basis for long term projects.
8 hours a day * 5 days a week = 160 hours per month. In such guaranty we may consider special discount depending how long project size, complexity, turnaround time and duration of the project.

Unit base rates

For unit base quote, our company request you to send us the project requirements, samples, desire format, total volume of project and turnaround time, which will enable us to provide a better unit base quote.

We offer you our superlative prices for all type of data entry projects, which are calculated on the following basis:

  • How small or large projects is
  • Depend on the volume of work
  • Frequency of orders like monthly, weekly basis
  • Complexity, density of projects
  • Clarity and details provided in specifications
  • Accuracy and Quality of returns you need

We have the ability to handle data entry projects that are in diverse foreign languages such as German, Dutch, French, etc.

Outsourcing is not only getting work done from Data Entry BPO Services, but it about reducing your operating costs up to 75% with top notch quality. Our affordable data entry pricing scheme is minimize your budget costs so you can spend that much amount to grow your business.

We offer special pricing scheme to our global clients, it purely depend on the services you wish to avail. We understand your requirements; take special care to estimate the ideal pricing of your data entry work and assuring true value to what you pay for.

We offer various BPO services such as data entry, data processing, data conversion, data mining, web research and scanning services at affordable rates. We ensure that you can get more then what you pay for us.

Contact us to get our diverse data entry services at affordable prices.

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