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Data Entry Process – Outsourcing Data Entry Quality Workflow

Data Entry BPO Services is a leading data entry company in India providing valuable support to global customer with unique data entry services.

We strictly follow high standards of data entry process to serve ideal solutions to our clients from USA, UK, Australia, Germany & Canada and across the world. We have cost effective business process solutions for all types of data entry projects. With our data entry process, prompt services and quality control procedures we build up reputation throughout the BPO industry.

Quick Data Entry Process:

  • Client send the requirements specifications
  • Representative sample of data
  • Volume of work
  • Accuracy and quality is required
  • Turnaround time
  • Communication details
  • Proposed starting date
  • Finishing entry of sample data
  • Feedback from client about sample entries
  • Sending proposal
  • Contract signing

Our team of experience data entry operators follows stringent data entry process to ensure that we provide quick, accurate, high quality and time bound data entry services to our several global customers.

Actual Data Entry Process:

  • Client uploaded file on a secure FTP server or file are emailed/faxed/courier or data are remotely access by secure VPN or file are accessed through web application
  • We accept physical documents, PDF, Excel, XML & Word files, any file format and online sources
  • We download & access the data
  • We sort, organize and assign the data
  • We perform data entry operations
  • We check for data quality and accuracy
  • Completed work is sent to the clients through secure FTP, E-mailed/faxed/courier, remotely access by VPN and through web application

Our data entry processes ensure that you can get secure data entry solutions of your outsourced data entry work. Through our security and confidentiality procedures your personal information, data entry work is secure and protected. Data Entry BPO Services is your ideal data entry services destination.

Contact us to get ideal data entry solutions for your whole business needs.

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