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Online Data Entry / Remote Data Entry / Online Typing Services

Online Data Entry helps Companies outsource their data entry jobs with control over applications at their end. By doing this, we can type directly into the Client’s application or remote server. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us to provide the best and most secure on line data entry services to our clients. We have strong firewalls for all our PCs, and the latest updated anti-virus software to keep our Client’s data safe and secure. We have high bandwidth internet lines (with backup) to provide quality online typing with zero down-time.

Data Entry BPO Services is an Indian Data Entry Company, and is committed to providing quality on-line data entry services to all our clients worldwide with our experienced staff.

Here are some examples of on-line / remote data entry which we provide

  • Online data entry of Cards and Documents into online databases
  • Online data entry of products from online or offline Catalogs
  • Legal document data entry in any type of online database
  • Data entry from images (tiff, jpg, or any other format) into online database
  • Data input for Payroll
  • Online data input of Restaurant Menus
  • Online data entry of Rebate coupons
  • Hospital Records Data typing in any type of online database
  • Online data entry and maintenance for online reservation system
  • Property data updating
  • Contact details data entry in any type of online database
  • MSDS Data entry in any type of online database
  • Index entries of books, patient records, typing into online databases
  • Online Captcha data entry work

Quality Control for Online Data Entry / Remote Data Entry / Online Typing

We are committed to provide the best possible quality data entry services to our Clients and we follow different proven quality controls according to project specific requirements. Online work typically involves manually typing data into online web based applications / databases or by using remote access.

We design specific Quality Assurance processes by which we ensure that the best possible Quality is delivered. Some examples are as under.

  • If we have input source offline, then we perform data entry in offline application and after double checking the data through quality control; we submit it in an online database.
  • If input and output both remain online, then we dedicate our best quality achiever typists on the job, and also dedicate one supervisor for constant monitoring of these data entry processes and typing jobs.
  • If online applications allow, we perform double verification of data entry for the same source, and rectify any mismatches to achieve the best quality data entry output.

So, please stay rest assured of our data entry quality of our Online Data Entry division.

How to outsource and get online data entry / typing done?

  • Communicate your data entry requirements to us through chat, email or on phone.
  • We shall analyze your requirement, and perform a free test run for you to give you an idea of our capabilities and understanding of data entry jobs or any other data entry requirements.
  • Sample approval of your data entry requirements will be done by us
  • Quote approval of your data entry requirements done by you.
  • We commence the project and go live.

So, go ahead and give us an opportunity by availing our Online Data Entry, Forms Processing and E-Book Creation services. We assure you of top quality Online Data Entry Services at a very low cost. Just send us an email to or contact us.

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